Pennye Goins
New Mexico

My name is Pennye Goins and I live in the four corners region of Northwest New Mexico.  I have one daughter who is 28 years old.  I am a veteran with 8 years of active duty in the USAF, where I trained and worked as a surgical assistant.  I enjoy hiking, photography, and writing poetry about the beautiful high desert.

I became a team member here at EcoTeamUnited in July of 2012.  I was looking for an alternative to a traditional job since I am a caretaker to elderly family members.  I am very passionate about making a difference in people's lives and am very grateful to have become part of such a great group of people.  We really care about  and support one another in our quest to achieve our goals.  It has given me the ability to build a home business with help from others who already have a track record of proven success.  This is truly the definition of freedom for me!